Expert Committee on Compliance/Criminal Law

Detailed Description

The expert committee on criminal law focuses on the following issues:

  • Criminological knowledge about the information society
  • Dogmatic issues of criminal law relating to new information technology
  • Problems in criminal procedural law in the field of IT
  • IT applications in the development of criminal law (legal informatics)
  • International law and comparison of laws in the field of information, communications and media law


  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Beck, LL.M. (LSE)
    Leibnitz Universität Hannover
    Juristische Fakultät
    Lehrstuhl für Strafrecht, Strafprozessrecht, Strafrechtsvergleichung und Rechtsphilosophie
    Königsworther Platz 1
    D 30167 Hannover
    Tel.: + 49 511 762 8212
    Fax: + 49 511 762 19071

  • Dirk Meinicke, LL.M.
    Rechtsanwalt und Fachanwalt für Strafrecht
    Gerst & Meinicke (G & M Legal)
    Holzdamm 28-32 (Pacific-Haus)
    D 20099 Hamburg
    Tel.: + 49 40 41 30 80 0


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