DGRI organizes regular conferences and seminars on the various issues that it addresses.

DGRI has established expert committeeson certain issues in order to permit a more profound discussion at the meetings of those committees.

The autumn academy for the further education of young lawyers and legal scholars – including trainee lawyers, lawyers and academics – in the field of information law is conducted on an annual basis in cooperation with the DSRI association.

As a member of the international computer law association IFCLA, DGRI also organizes regular international events such as the Joint Meeting of 3 Countries in order to promote an exchange of views at the international level.

Treffen des Fachausschusses der Unternehmensjurist:innen




Online, via MS Teams


“Zugriff auf unsere Gehirne - hat das Recht Antworten?"

“Neues aus Brüssel: Entwurf des Artificial Intelligence Act”


Alexander Eichler, Rechtsanwalt (ex Salesforce, IBM)

Dr. Susann Wolfgram, LL.M. (Edinburgh), Chief Legal Counsel, SAP


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