Expert Committee on Labour and Employment Law

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There is a constant increase in the use of electronic media at the workplace and in human resources administration departments. Such use, however, often has consequences in labour and employment law which have to be observed. As a result increasing numbers of employers, employees, representatives of interests and commissioners have to devote their attention to the legal and technical issues in this field. The expert committee on labour and employment law therefore addresses these issues which arise from the use or introduction of new electronic information and communications technology. Both legal and technical issues form the focus of discussion, e.g. Status as a provider in the sense of specific provisions in that sector,

  • Abuse of use rights,
  • Control measures,
  • Law on safety at work,
  • Co-determination and participation of works councils and unions,
  • Responsibilities of and the need for commissioners,
  • Internet presence of an enterprise or an authority.

The expert committee is aimed at interested parties from practice and academia who wish to tackle the issue. Meetings are held at regular intervals, at the start of which speeches on various themes are offered. Subsequently the participants can discuss and clarify specific problems and exchange their views. The topics for discussion at subsequent meetings are selected in accordance with the requests made by participants.



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