Expert Committee on Contract Law

Detailed Description

The DGRI expert committee on contract law addresses specific aspects of contract law in the IP/IT branch of industry. A large number of issues were discussed in the past, including:

  • Standard terms and conditions after the revision of the law of obligations taking into account the case law of the German Federal Court of Justice [BGH] / specification of performance in legal practice
  • Presentation of the new German Act on Electric and Electronic Devices [ElektroG] of 16 March 2005
  • Application service providing, contract structures and particularities
  • Impact of the new EU cartel legislation, especially the new block exemption regulation for agreements on technology transfer
  • Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act; US contract law on intangible goods

The expert committee on contract law also prepared opinions on legislative plans, e.g. on the new Agreement of the Hague on exclusive jurisdiction agreements (2004), on the revision of the law of obligations (2001) and the opinion on the revision of the block exemption regulation relating to agreements for the transfer of technology (2002).


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  • Dr. Thomas Stögmüller LL.M. (Berkeley)
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