Expert Committee on Data Privacy Protection

Detailed Description

The "Data Privacy and Data Economy" expert committee consists of around 30 members who regularly and intensively devote their time to the subject of data privacy. Depending on the subject matter, additional members are added who are interested in data protection in general or in very specific issues.

The committee attaches great importance to the involvement of younger lawyers. It has proven successful for all involved that trainee lawyers with relevant interests participate already in this phase of their training. The same applies to lawyers shortly after admission. In this way, the committee avoids the danger that only "experts among themselves" are constantly discussing. Important aspects would be lost as a result.

Participation in the working sessions is always free of charge. This is made possible by the sponsorship of members who provide rooms and conference catering. Other events besides the working meetings are calculated in such a way that only a coverage of the cost price is achieved.

The current topics dealt with by the expert committee continue to be the planned EU General Data Protection Regulation, but also the topic of cloud computing as well as the current legislative projects, for example in the UKlaG.




  • Laura L. Stoll, B.Sc.
    Managing Consultant
    Intersoft Consulting
    Strohhause 17
    20097 Hamburg
    Tel.:+49 40 7902 3528 2 
  • Kevin Leibold, LL.M.

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